Software Services

Software is used almost in everything. You use it on your phone for finding a location, or just scrolling through a social media app. Sometimes you need software for yourself or your company that makes work easier. We at Academicmania have started Software Development for all your needs.

Who Can Take Advantage of Our Software Development Services?

It is not important that a company will require a piece of Software. Students of Computer Science related fields also in their final semesters are required to submit Software to get a degree. No matter why you need software, we at Academicmania have the best professional Software Developers that will help you get what you want, whether it’s for educational purposes or Business.

Type of Software We Are Developing

  • MIS (PC)
  • GIS (PC)
  • Android
  • IOS
  • And Much more

Why Us?

We at Academicmania not only have Professional Software Developers, but our prices are very fair compared to what other Software Development Companies are demanding these days. Our employees will not only develop the required software but will communicate with you on regular basis.

If you are a student, our professional employees can teach you what they have built so that you won’t have any problems in your final viva. For companies, our professionals can teach you how to install this software if there is any issue in the future. So don’t wait and call us for the best prices for the best service.

Our Prices

Depending on the type of software you need, we have different packages. Our packages start from basic to advanced for both students and companies.

  • For Students
    • Basic Package

This package includes software. Our basic prices start at (PRICE)

  • Standard Package

This Package includes software with coding classes. Our standard prices start at (PRICE)

  • Advanced

This package includes software development for students, coding classes, and preparation for the final viva

  • For Companies
    • Basic Package

This package starts at (PRICE)

  • Standard Package

This package starts at (PRICE)

  • Advanced Package

This package starts at (PRICE)